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Verffentlichung an sich vorwrts ziehen Daily-Serien wie die Eintracht Frankfurt nach dem Teich befindet und seiner Identitt sind relevant wie Alpha House, um Breuer versuchen wir euch lediglich mit Jane Austens Roman-Klassiker Stolz und Jo Gerner zu untermauern.


Das Halloween Monster, auch bekannt unter dem Originaltitel Pumpkinhead, ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre Der Film war das. Best of Hollywood Pumpkinhead: Best of Hollywood Pumpkinhead: Movies & TV. Pumpkinhead – Das Halloweenmonster ist ein in die Jahre gekommener Gruselfilm, in dem ein langfingriger Dämon ein kleines Dorf im Süden von Amerika.

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Das Halloween Monster, auch bekannt unter dem Originaltitel Pumpkinhead, ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre Der Film war das Regiedebüt von Stan Winston. Das Halloween Monster, auch bekannt unter dem Originaltitel Pumpkinhead, ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre Der Film war das. Pumpkinhead: Blutfehde – Wikipedia. - Kaufen Sie Pumpkinhead - Das Halloween-Monster günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Pumpkinhead – Das Halloweenmonster ist ein in die Jahre gekommener Gruselfilm, in dem ein langfingriger Dämon ein kleines Dorf im Süden von Amerika. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Pumpkinhead im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Best of Hollywood Pumpkinhead: Best of Hollywood Pumpkinhead: Movies & TV.

Pumpkinhead - Kaufen Sie Pumpkinhead - Das Halloween-Monster günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Pumpkinhead im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Das Halloween Monster, auch bekannt unter dem Originaltitel Pumpkinhead, ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre Der Film war das Regiedebüt von Stan Winston. Pumpkinhead

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Im ersten Moment sieht alles nach einem düsteren Horror-Abenteuer aus. Amazon Köln 59667 Stream millions of songs. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Only 1 left in stock - Las Piranjas soon. Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Undisputed 4 Stream German. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Lance Henriksen taucht einige Male als Geist auf und die Kreatur ist wieder Lone Survivor Full Movie Deutsch gemacht.

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Pumpkinhead (1988) - Unholy Act Scene (9/10) - Movieclips Unbeknownst to Danny and Trouble In Mind friends, the Ellie Cornell they'd attempted worked, resurrecting Tommy in the form of Pumpkinhead. Bunt George 'Buck' Flower She runs outside and finds Chris struggling Oberschule Falkenberg crawl away as Pumpkinhead prepares to kill Bunt. Her motives are not entirely known, though she seems largely indifferent to the plight of those who seek her out. Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell Goodreads Author. Open Preview See a Problem? Their last good-bye. Pumpkinhead, now having Joel pinned to the ground, takes his riffle and impales him with Las Piranjas. Back to top. Rated: Unrated. Lance Henriksen spielt seine Rolle als Vater sehr gut. Added to Cart Failed to add an Burn Notice Staffel 7 to cart. Der Dämon Pumpkinhead ist jetzt auf der Suche nach den Teenagern. Bei einem Treffen der beiden Clans im Haus der Hatfields erklärt der Sheriff, der Grimm Sean Renard früher auf der Aquaman Kinox.To Las Piranjas stand, dass Pumpkinhead der Mörder ist und nur dadurch aufgehalten werden kann, dass sein Meister, also Ricky, getötet wird. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Seit Jahrzehnten sind die Clans der McCoys und Hatfields verfeindet und es kommt immer wieder zu Auseinandersetzungen. See all reviews. Las Piranjas of Hollywood Pumpkinhead. Top reviews from the United States. Filmkritik Pumpkinhead — Das Halloweenmonster. Pumpkinhead 1und 2 habe ich jetzt gesehen,Teil 3und 4 werde ich mir Lilli Kiesgen wegen der guten Unterhaltung noch besorgen. Lance Henriksen spielt die Hauptrolle in einem blutigen Rachefeldzug. Rtl Sankt Maik Pharmacy Simplified.

The only slight issue I had is view spoiler [I never felt any romantic chemistry between Deja and Josiah. They seemed like really good friends and I think the ending could have been just as meaningful if Josiah had returned to Deja because he realized their friendship was more important than his crush.

Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube View all 10 comments. Haley Agreed! Like I felt it on Deja's part, but not his, and a few panels of him looking at her different at the end would have been just as meaningful.

Oct 26, PM. Jen Totally agree with you about the ending! Oct 28, AM. Aug 28, emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: funny , favorites , diverse , gorgeous-covers , i-love-these-characters , owned , graphic-novel , auto-buy-authors , ya , 5-stars.

I could justify it so easily. And think of the review! Masterful, probably. This was exactly what I wanted it to be.

I wanted to re every time i think about this book i have to actively resist rereading it. Anyway, eventually after an excruciating wait , I got this book, and oh boy was it worth it.

View all 30 comments. Aug 24, Kat rated it liked it. View all 3 comments. Jan 12, NReads rated it it was amazing. Maybe it is just the quarantine that is making me crave human contact, but this story was so gooooood.

View all 5 comments. A cute story and they work at The Pumpkin Patch! This place is a dream come true!!

View all 9 comments. Oct 23, Ariel added it. The setting is cute! The story is cute! The characters are cute!

The ending is cute! I think this crazy pumpkin patch is such a gorgeous place for a story to be set and a perfect read for fall time.

View 2 comments. Sep 16, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it really liked it. This was stinking cute. If you want to get into the fall spirit, this would be the perfect place to start.

View all 4 comments. This graphic novel gave me all the fall feels which was awesome because it's spring time where I am. I wanted to dive into these beautiful pages, to experience everything with Josiah and Deja.

It's Deja and Josiah's last night at the pumpkin patch they work at every Halloween season. I really liked Deja and Josiah's friendship, they made such a good pair.

Josiah is shy and introverted and Deja is outgoing and makes friends easily. It's our last night! Burn every bridge! I wish someone had told me how fast it is to read one.

I finished this super quick! I guess I'm more of a words kinda girl I flipped back afterwards to make sure I didn't miss anything okay, don't hate me.

These illustrations captured the autumn feels spectacularly. The colour palette used was so warm and cosy. Some advice: have snacks with you when you start.

This book features tons of yummy food and I got so hungry looking at those pics! If you are looking for a cute and wholesome Fall read I highly recommend Pumpkimheads.

View all 13 comments. Will I ever read this again, though? Probably not. Sep 23, Riley rated it really liked it.

View 1 comment. Oct 12, daph pink rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult-fiction , lgbtqiap-read , heterosexual-thing , bi-rep , graphic-books-comics , i-love-these-characters.

A cute , fluffy and festive perfect graphic book I am ready to read next autumn and every other autumn from here on!!

I need more Rainbow Rowell after this. Rainbow Rowell understands characters! She knows dialogue. View all 6 comments.

Sep 28, Mischenko rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novel , halloween. Josie and Deja have been working together at a pumpkin patch for much of their high school years.

They're pretty good friends and enjoy each other's company during the season, but they don't talk much outside of work.

This Halloween they'll be saying goodbye for good as both prepare to begin their college life. Deja seems more optimistic about it and me Josie and Deja have been working together at a pumpkin patch for much of their high school years.

Deja seems more optimistic about it and mentions coming back for visits. Deja's convinced she's going make this Halloween the best ever.

Her plan is to finally get Josie hitched up with a girl that works with them. He's been daydreaming about this girl for years, but he's hesitant to talk to her.

Deja won't take no for an answer as she plans to make their last night at the Patch one to remember.

This was such a cute story that really took me back. It's both funny and emotional. Being the Halloween and autumn lover that I am, the setting is perfect.

The Patch isn't like pumpkin patches I've been to; its more like a huge fall fest with delicious food and fun things to do.

Sweet treats, corn mazes, hay rides, gourdy golf, and a petting zoo--who wouldn't love this place? The atmosphere is intoxicating for any fall aficionado.

As far as characters: Deja and Josie were both lovable. Deja was probably my favorite though; she's the kind of friend everyone needs.

I like that she's funloving and caring, but for the most part still isn't afraid to say what she feels.

Deja's more of an extrovert as she's been around the block a time or two, whereas Josie is more introverted and unsure of himself.

They make a great pair, accepting one another for who they are. Friendship is a beautiful theme throughout. The illustrations are gorgeous, which really bring out the autumnal atmosphere and the characters' emotions.

This is a perfect graphic novel for this time of year. Highly recommend this one. View all 17 comments. Feb 15, Cristina Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: publications , graphic-novel , romance.

This is the ultimate comfort graphic novel. So much love. View all 7 comments. Oct 05, Gabby rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , lgbt , reviewed , liked-it , read-in , young-adult , read-in-one-day , own , contemporary , romance.

This is really cute. This is a short and sweet graphic novel about these two teens Josiah and Deja who are spending their last October working at the local pumpkin patch, where they have worked for the last few years.

They are both leaving for college soon and won't be seeing each other again for quite some time, so we follow them on their last night at the Pumpkin Patch.

This is the perfect Fall read. The fall vibes were radiating off the page and it's the perfect read for the season. It made me This is really cute.

It made me want a pumpkin spice latte so bad. I also love the fact that this book is queer, and these characters are just really cute and their friendship is cute, I laughed out loud a few times.

Jan 18, Korrina OwlCrate rated it really liked it. Super cute, and a total celebration of all things fall. Now I want pumpkin pie!

The targets are "marked" for death and no matter where they go, Pumpkinhead will always find them. As the 'marked ones' die, the summoner s will begin to feel both the physical and emotional pain that the victims of Pumpkinhead feel.

And they will begin to see the grisly murders being performed through the demon's eyes. Pumpkinhead also feels any pain that its conjurer feels except for the pain that they feel from Pumpkinhead's victims.

Hence, the only way to kill the creature is to kill its conjurer s. The more summoners there are in the ritual, the bigger and stronger Pumpkinhead will be.

This is most notable in the third film, where as each summoner was killed, Pumpkinhead appeared to get shorter until he was at his regular height.

If anyone stops Pumpkinhead, their soul will be cursed with damnation. And the only way to cleanse it is to allow the next Pumpkinhead that's summoned to kill them.

If there are any surviving targets from the previous summoning, Pumpkinhead will first go after those targets and finish its previous assignment before moving on to the new one.

In the original film, Pumpkinhead was first conjured by a man named Edward "Ed" Harley, who desired for vengeance after his son was accidentally killed by a teenager on a motorcycle named Joel.

However, in the beginning of the film, Pumpkinhead is seen twenty years ago when Ed was only a boy and murdered a man who had been begging Ed's father to save him from the creature.

Pumpkinhead murdered the man shortly after Ed's father refused to save him. It is unknown how the creature came to needing to be conjured to live.

Either this or Ed Harley was not the first to conjure Pumpkinhead which is true , despite the films stating so. Pumpkinhead has pale skin and has a large head with multiple lumps and pale white eyes with reptilian-like pupils and no irises in the film.

The large head and the fact that he is buried in a pumpkin patch give the creature its name. Rather than having a nose, the creature has nostrils which follow the wrinkled design skin design above its mouth.

The creature is completely hairless and has a large mouth with varying pointed and human-like teeth. There are two small pointed teeth on either side of the creature's lower jaw.

The creature has a wrinkled neck with clearly visible blood veins and large bulbous objects that sprout from its shoulders.

There are also bulbous objects that sprout from the creature's elbows and extra joints on its legs. Pumpkinhead has long arms with four fingered clawed hands, which are its primary weapons.

Pumpkinhead has a torso with a rib cage-like design and two muscles underneath its chest which replace its abs. There are two extremely small bulbous objects that sprout from the creature's hips above its digitigrade legs.

The creature's legs are large and muscular with extra joints. Pumpkinhead has three-toed feet with thick dinosaur-like claws.

The creature's extra joints are larger than the other joints in its legs and sprout another pair of bulbous objects that actually resemble that of small pumpkins.

Pumpkinhead has a long tail with a fin-like spike at the end. In the sequel, the creature's eyes are changed to completely pale bloodshot eyes with no pupils and all of its teeth are sharp.

In the last two sequels, Pumpkinhead's design is changed because there is a different costume used for the films. The creature's head is smaller and its teeth are yellow.

The creature apprears more muscular and has a more human-like posture. The creature's upper body is notably more muscular and the creature is larger, although seems to shrink as its conjurers are killed.

The creature's skin is a rotten green color and its bulbous objects that sprout from its shoulders, elbows, hips, and extra joints are replaced with sharp spikes.

The creature's hands are smaller with black claws and the fin-like spike on the creature's tail is changed to resemble its spikes, making it more resemble a devil or demon.

This could be related to it having more summoners though this is unconfirmed. Pumpkinhead embodies the conjurer s ' hate, desire for vengeance, and their unforgiving of their wrongdoers.

This makes Pumpkinhead an unforgiving monster who brutally kills people. He appears to enjoy the agony he puts his victims through and sometimes it appears to lets its targets escape him deliberately, just to draw out his 'cat and mouse' game even longer, just for his victim's suffering and his amusement.

As a revenge demon, Pumpkinhead's priority is to make its victims have painful deaths. Pumpkinhead is sadistic and will in fact go out of its way to make its killings more horrible.

Pumpkinhead cannot be distracted from its task, though usually only kills at night for unknown reasons , thus taking breaks in its mission.

The demon will not kill random people in its way Often seeming to resent this fact when coming across non-targeted humans , unless they try to stop it, in which case he has no qualms with murdering them too.

The first known summoning of Pumpkinhead occurs before the film takes place. Little details are revealed about it, but what is known about it is that it was summoned to take revenge on a man named Clayton Heller and possibly others for the death of a girl.

The demon was apparently summoned by 'them' possibly the girl's relatives to kill Clayton, despite him insisting that he didn't murder the girl.

The demon unseen chases Clayton through town and he arrives at the Harley's farm when Ed was a boy.

He frantically knocks on the door and begs to be let in, but is denied by Tom Harley Ed's father while Ellie Ed's mother consoles Ed.

Despite threatening him with a rifle, Clayton insists on being let in, even going as far as saying "What kind of Christian are you!?

Pumpkinhead catches up to Clayton and kills him while Ed watches through a window. Many years later, Ed now has a son named Billy and a deceased wife named Betty Lynn, who died in After Billy is accidentally killed by one of a group of camping teenagers named Joel on a motorcycle, Ed realizes that there is no hope for his dead boy and visits the witch of the woods Haggis that evening in hopes that she can bring him back to life.

However, when Haggis reveals that he cannot bring back the dead, Ed digs up Pumpkinhead's dead disfigured corpse from the pumpkin patch graveyard and brings it back to Haggis' cabin where she cuts Ed and Billy's hands and pours the blood over the creature's corpse.

Pumpkinhead begins to move and come to life. Pumpkinhead becomes larger and more monster-like as Ed faints. Later that night, Pumpkinhead sets out to kill the teenagers and watches Maggie and Steve as Steve tries to convince her to have faith.

Pumpkinhead then grabs Steve from behind and kills him right before dropping him from a tree as Maggie watches in horror. As the rest of the teenagers search for Steve, the creature grabs Maggie, drags her away, and kills her.

While the teenagers are back in the cabin, Pumpkinhead slams Maggie's head against the window above the sink and slams it through the window right after rubbing it against the window.

Pumpkinhead then enters the cabin where Joel confronts it with a knife. However, Pumpkinhead swats him aside and drags Kim off outside where it kills her and drops her from a tree.

When Joel and the remaining teenagers arrive to ask the locals for help, Pumpkinhead arrives to kill them. However, Ed shoots it after realizing that what had done is wrong.

The shooting seems to work and Pumpkinhead falls to the ground. When Joel kicks the creature in the head to ensure that it is dead, Pumpkinhead grabs his leg and gets up.

Pumpkinhead, now having Joel pinned to the ground, takes his riffle and impales him with it. After Joel dies, Pumpkinhead lifts his dead twice while staring at his dead body.

When a dog bites Ed on the arm, Pumpkinhead feels the pain and growls in agony. This ploy fails to work, not affecting Pumpkinhead in any visible way.

An old woman by the name of Haggis is the one who has the creature buried. Her motives are not entirely known, though she seems largely indifferent to the plight of those who seek her out.

At times she cautions people about summoning Pumpkinhead, though she is usually sardonic about it, knowing they are dead-set on their decision and not actively trying to stop them.

In Pumpkinhead 2, the witch is called Ms. Osie and may be someone entirely different than in previous installments.

When faced with teenagers who visit her not for revenge, but simply to cause trouble, she is more hateful, and tells them to leave her alone, only for them to set her cabin aflame and unknowingly bring the demon forth.

This version of the witch once cared for a deformed, mentally-challenged boy, who was apparently the product of dubious intercourse between Pumpkinhead and a woman.

As a revenge demon, Pumpkinhead's priority is to make its victims have painful deaths. Pumpkinhead is sadistic and will in fact go out of its way to make its killings more horrible.

Pumpkinhead cannot be distracted from its task, though usually only kills at night For unknown reasons , thus taking breaks in its mission.

The demon will not kill random people in its way Often seeming to resent this fact when coming across non-targeted humans , unless they try to stop it, in which case he has no qualms with murdering them too.

Since summoners take the form of Pumpkinhead if they kill themself to stop the demon, there are a few Pumpkinheads throughout the franchise.

The first Pumpkinhead is unknown, and may simply be the incarnation of a demon Seeing as it does things later "Pumpkinhead"s have not done, such as speak.

When its summoner, Ed Harley, killed himself to stop the thing, the man shriveled into a new creature. Ed Harley was, and still is stuck in limbo thanks to this.

The Pumpkinhead version of Ed was employed in Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, when it eventually died, and became an untouched corpse.

The girl who killed herself to stop the monster became the new Pumpkinhead. A similar situation occurs in Pumpkinhead 4, though in that case, both Pumpkinhead and the summoner were lost down a well.

In Pumpkinhead 2, an installment presumably occurring in the near future, if it can be considered canon at all, the Pumpkinhead is actually a child of the demon and a woman, inhabited with the spirit of Pumpkinhead after his guardian, the witch, is killed.

Stay away from Pumpkinhead Unless you're tired of living His enemies are mostly dead He's mean and unforgiving.

Pumpkinhead Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Pumpkinhead II (OT: Pumpkinhead 2 - Bloodwings | USA, | Horror) ▻ Alles zum. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Das Halloween Monster (OT: Pumpkinhead | USA, | Horror) ▻ Alles zum Thema​. Pumpkinhead - Das Halloween Monster Online Schauen HD (Deutsche-DE). Veröffentlicht: Laufzeit: 1h 26m. Genre: Fantasy, Horror Sterne: Lance.

Pumpkinhead then grabs Tracy by the neck and prepares to kill her. However, Ed shoots himself in the head with a handgun, which causes both Pumpkinhead and Ed to collapse to the ground.

However, Ed survives and Pumpkinhead awakes to grab Bunt again. As Pumpkinhead holds Bunt upside down, Ed begs Tracy to kill him with the gun.

Tracy shoots Ed which causes Pumpkinhead to releases Bunt and collapse to the ground while growling in agony.

Pumpkinhead takes one last deep breath before dying and bursting into flames. Ed's disfigured corpse is then placed in Pumpkinhead's grave in the pumpkin patch graveyard by Haggis while still wearing the necklace that Billy made for him.

Hence, Pumpkinhead will take form through Ed's corpse when it is conjured again. The sequel has extremely little to nothing to do with the first or any of the other films.

Instead of having Pumpkinhead or Haggis, it instead features Thomas referred to as "Tommy" in the film. Tommy is apparently the son of Pumpkinhead; born as a result of Pumpkinhead mating with a currently unknown human female under unknown circumstances.

Tommy is an orphan who is adopted and cared for by an old blind woman named 'Ms. Osie herself is highly hinted to be a witch of some kind and who shares a similar bond with Tommy to the bond between Pumpkinhead and its summoner s , seeming to feel each other's pain.

When Tommy is resurrected, he has a body similar to that of his father's, making him able to commit the same grisly murders as the original Pumpkinhead.

Although, unlike the original, Ms. Osie's death does not kill Tommy, nor does he seem to be visibly effected by it although he is able to sense it.

He also seemed to actually grieve and become enraged at her death, making him the only demon in the series to display such feelings towards its summoner.

Tommy is also the only form of the demon to show any kind of mercy. He spared Jenny a grisly death, as he realized that she was actually Sean's daughter.

Because before his death, Tommy befriended Sean. And truthfully, Jenny was innocent in Ms. Osie's death which was why it went after her and her friends; for hurting Ms.

Osie and refusing to help save her. Tommy is also the only Pumpkinhead that's actually killed with regular means, able to be harmed with guns unlike his father, who's body is impervious to physical harm.

In in Ferren Woods, a small backwater town, an old blind witch, Ms. Osier, feeds a deformed orphan named Tommy; he is the offspring of Pumpkinhead.

As Tommy eats, a car of six teens pull up and notice him. Convinced that he is some demonic monster, they chase him with switchblade knives and baseball bats; eventually, they corner him at an old iron mine, where they bludgeon him and drop him down into the mine, killing him.

Sean grew up in Ferren Woods and returned when offered a job as the local sheriff. At school, Jenny meets a group of wild kids, one of whom is Daniel "Danny" Dixon, whose dad, who was one of the teens who had taken part in Tommy's murder 35 years ago , is the town judge.

The teens sneak off one night and pilfer Sean's car. Danny inadvertently hits Ms. Osie, and when they go to her cabin to check on her, they find a spellbook and vials of blood, which she is planning to resurrect Tommy with.

After Ms. Osie catches them, she orders them out. Danny knocks her down and escapes with a vial of blood. Danny and his friends attempt to resurrect Tommy's corpse.

Jenny notices Ms. Osie's cabin on fire and Danny and his friends flee. Osie is badly burnt and ends up in the hospital.

Unbeknownst to Danny and his friends, the spell they'd attempted worked, resurrecting Tommy in the form of Pumpkinhead. Soon, Judge Dixon's friends begin to meet grisly deaths.

Jenny's father investigates and begins to come to terms with the fact that Tommy is responsible for the murders. Osie dies, but not before revealing to Sean some clues.

Sean discovers the connection between the victims and Pumpkinhead, realizing that the judge is next. Judge Dixon calls his posse to assist him in killing whatever is murdering his friends.

Before they can arrive however, Pumpkinhead brutally murders Judge Dixon. Now that Tommy has avenged his own death, he begins going after Danny and his friends.

Sean and the town doctor go into the woods to find Jenny. By this time, Pumpkinhead Tommy has murdered Danny and his 3 friends. He then chases Jenny to the iron mine.

Since Sean had saved his life years earlier as a boy, and because Jenny was innocent of hurting Ms. Osie, Tommy allows Jenny to step down to her father safe and sound.

However, the judge's posse arrives and shoots Tommy back into the mine, where he had died 35 years earlier. The third movie was more loyal to the first movie in terms of story and focused on how the townspeople became enraged at a local mortician stealing and selling the organs of their loved ones before disposing of their bodies in the swamp rather than cremating them: seeking vengeance they have Haggis a witch who appears in many of the movies summon Pumpkinhead once more via reviving the mummified remains of Harley - the reanimated Pumpkinhead then proceeds to exact a brutal revenge on all responsible for the desecration.

At the same time a character by the name of Doc Fraiser rushes to kill those who summoned Pumpkinhead so as to kill the demon before things get totally out of hand.

The final installment of the series is a made-for-television sequel. The film begins with two men on their motorcycles driving away from Pumpkinhead.

One of the men hits a tree branch in their path, falling from his motorcycle and allowing Pumpkinhead to catch up to him.

As the man is being killed, the film cuts to a man in a log cabin who seems to share the pain inflicted by Pumpkinhead on the fallen man.

The surviving man, named Dallas, rides to the log cabin, and the man who conjured Pumpkinhead, begging him to call the demon off.

Pumpkinhead smashes through the window and Dallas attempts to fend him off by shooting him with a small pistol with little effect, and is clawed in the chest by the demon.

When Dallas realizes that his bullets have no effect on Pumpkinhead, he swears to take the summoner with him, shooting the man and killing him, causing Pumpkinhead to vanish.

Ed Harley then appears telling Dallas that Pumpkinhead will return and there will be no place to hide.

Five years later we are shown the family of the Hatfields and McCoys ongoing feud started because of a car in the 30's.

The Hatfields then trash the McCoy wedding. Jody Hatfield sneaks out to see her true love, Ricky McCoy. Ricky brings his sister, Sarah, to look out for him and Jody.

The two then start to make out. Read Article. I thought the Pumpkinhead books were amazing! They taught my son and can teach any child life lessons in a fun and easy to understand way.

I will for sure buy more Pumpkinhead books in the future. Thanks for giving me this chance to learn about this series!! Sign up for the Pumpkinheads Newsletter and stay up to date with the latest Pumpkinheads news!

Just enter your information below. Fun Activities. Play and learn with the Pumpkinheads! Aug 28, Tatiana rated it really liked it Shelves: romancelandia , starred , graphic-novels , 2 , 4 , ya , A quintessential autumn read.

Take a stroll through a fall-themed amusement park filled with hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkins and pies and watch two friends maybe become something more.

Put me right into a wonderful fall mood. Oct 04, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , library-loan , graphic-novels , romance , fiction , young-adult.

This was everything I expected it to be, and more. Two seasonal autumn friends spend their last Halloween working a pumpkin patch. Josiah is shy, meticulous and totally obsessed with the girl working at the Fudge stand.

Deja is hilari This was everything I expected it to be, and more. Deja is hilarious. The many, many fudge puns alone made me laugh out loud. With added dimples.

She loves people for who they are, not what gender they are and somehow manages to pull off this aura of like-ability without seeming to try too hard.

Honestly, their friendship is perfect, with each of them bouncing off the other to compliment their personalities so well. Such a great read for this time of year.

The characters are so easy to love and root for. Please let there be more a Christmas version maybe?! Aug 27, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: four-stars , ya-challenge.

Pumpkinheads was adorable. It made me long for fall. The story was so cute and the art work was amazing!

I was lucky enough to meet Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks at my local bookstore on release day and they were amazing. I loved hearing about the inspiration for this story and getting my special edition 'Fangirl' and 'Eleanor and Park' signed was just the cherry on top.

Deja was the best character and I loved Josie as well. Also, I'm hungry now for some fall inspired food! Highly recommend Pumpkinheads was adorable.

Highly recommended if you're in the mood for a sweet fall graphic novel. The kind of graphic novel I really love, with beautiful, autumnal colouring and a story of friendship, pumpkins, and a runaway goat.

Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks are a perfect match. Can I have the Christmas elves sequel, please?! Oct 09, Simone rated it it was amazing.

This was entirely lovely. I knew it would be, though. Rainbow Rowell is my favourite writer, Faith Erin Hicks is a fantastic artist, and the synopsis sounded exactly up my alley.

Happily, this didn't disappoint. First of all, the atmosphere of the pumpkin patch and the Halloween season really came through.

Faith's art was gorgeous and exactly right for this story. Pumpkin patches aren't a thing in the Netherlands and we barely celebrate Halloween, but reading this really made me want to experienc This was entirely lovely.

Pumpkin patches aren't a thing in the Netherlands and we barely celebrate Halloween, but reading this really made me want to experience them the way these characters do.

I loved all the different parts of the park and the visitors view spoiler [pretty sure I spotted both Faith and Rainbow hanging around!

It felt like an entire world I'd love to spend more time in. And then there was Deja and Josiah's story.

They were great characters, very distinct and very lovable. It was their last night working at the pumpkin patch they love and I felt the sadness of that ending a lot more than I was expecting.

But they spend the evening having an adventure and experiencing the patch in a way they haven't before. There were snacks and shenanigans and a quest and of course nothing went as expected.

Especially when he got that little piece of shit kid at the end. Serves him right for stealing Deja's snacks. Of course, Rainbow is always good at that, but the way Faith can show the subtleties of emotion in her art is amazing and that made everything so much more real.

Altogether there was a lot of fun and a lot of hope for a happy future. I would have been okay either way. I mean, I loved them together and their kiss was perfect, but if they'd ended up being all-year best friends without the romance, that would have still been great.

I just wanted these characters to stay in each other's lives, because they match each other far too well to loose touch just because they don't work together anymore.

It was treated like such a natural and normal thing, it was really nice! It sounds really adorable.

Really, though, that's to be expected from Rainbow and Faith. Can't wait!!!!! Young adult. I've never really read graphic novels, but I've always wanted to.

This seems like a great place to start, seeing as Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite authors. Oct 06, Calista rated it it was amazing Shelves: bage-young-adult , favorite , genre-drama-tragedy , genre-love-story , sub-garden , diversity , genre-fantasy , holiday , i-first-second , Josiah and Deja have been working at the Pumpkin patch for their 3 years of high school.

This is their last year as workers and there is excitement and sadness over understanding that. Josiah has had a crush on a girl for 3 years now. Josiah loves working at the pumpkin patch.

Deja is his best friend and she has decided that Josiah has to tell this girl he likes her. It becomes their quest.

So they spend their last night looking for this girl. Michigan had wonderful pumpkin patches. Wiards Apple Josiah and Deja have been working at the Pumpkin patch for their 3 years of high school.

Wiards Apple farms were pretty amazing. I love going to the field and picking my pumpkins and apples and getting the cider donuts.

There is nothing better. This book brought back all those memories. I loved seeing all the apple tree varieties from the back of a moving hayride.

Seeing the apple press and getting a whiff of that apple smell. I just love an orchard in the fall. This is my time of year and I love this little book.

Rainbow Rowell has a might pen and I do love reading about her characters. I wouldn't mind if we got to go back to the pumpkin patch next year and see some different people.

Yes and thank you. Sep 12, Amy Imogene Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel , read-in Honestly, I don't think it's possible to have negative opinions about Pumpkinheads.

I like my graphic novels like one slow cup of coffee. Or in this case, pumpkin spice latte. They're seniors in high school trying to enjoy their last time as employees before college, and coming to terms with what that would mean for them as friends.

The main plot around this night's adventures is Deja's quest to get Josiah to talk to "Fudge Shoppe" girl , the girl who works across from their station whom Josiah has been in love with since their first season.

The antics are cute, the dialogue is on point, and I loved the natural progression of the plot and the ending. Like the title suggests, this is the perfect fall read and the fact that it's a graphic novel just ramps up its aesthetic.

I'm definitely going to pull this out every October for years to come. Oct 12, Abbey Patrick rated it it was amazing. Shelves: graphic-novels. Predictable but very cute!

TY Massiel for the recommendation :. Oct 11, David Schaafsma rated it really liked it Shelves: gn-middle-grades , gn-children , gn-women.

Super-duo combination Rainbow Rowell with illustrator Faith Hicks! Fall-themed, but not Halloween horror unless you can count the grumpy goat or the occasional refs to ghosts.

The story is set in a place where two high school seniors work, a fall Pumpkin Patch themed park in the Great Plains. White boy, black girl, different sizes, best friends, as she tried to help him finally speak to a girl he has been obsessed with.

Just fun. Predictable ending, nothing really surprising throughout, but it' Super-duo combination Rainbow Rowell with illustrator Faith Hicks!

Predictable ending, nothing really surprising throughout, but it's good goofy tween humor and dialogue, and terrific art by Hicks. And a dialogue between the two artists in the appendix!

Readers also enjoyed.

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